Friday, April 06, 2007

The sandwich generation at the seder

When you have young kids, you have to make your seder short and sweet, lest the wee ones get too antsy and/or fall asleep, literally.

It turns out that seniors prefer their seders short and sweet, as well, because they’re not fond of walking home at midnight. And, unlike little kids, they might find it slightly undignified to sleep on the floor.

So if you want a seder where’s there’s lots of discussion and lots of singing, it pays to have it with folks from 14 to 74 (roughly).

Not always easy to arrange. Besides, it’s important to teach our kids, and to make memories for them, as well.

But while our shul seder is run on a stopwatch (or tries to be), our seder with our old friend, whose youngest is 22, is now at the “we have time for commentary” stage.


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